Thursday, March 8, 2012


This is coolbert:

Who would have ever thought such a thing to be so? But it is.

The saga, deplorable as it is - - of Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army [LRA] - - now a hot button item on the Internet.

"three Southern California filmmakers returned from Africa and released a documentary on the children forced to fight under Kony's leadership."

Thanks to nbcNEWS:

"'Kony 2012' Campaign Against Uganda Warlord Takes Over Internet"

A thirty minute YouTube video now with 7 million "hits" just during the first day. Chronicling the over two decade saga of Joseph and his LRA contingent, Joseph and his cohorts spreading much mayhem and misery over large portions of central Africa.

Joseph as we speak in the cross-hairs of American Special Forces advisers, the hope being that the villain Joseph can be finally and once-and-for-all run to ground and his potentiality for evil-doing eliminated.

[don't count Joseph out yet. The man has an undeniable staying-power! Puts together that proper combination of African juju, Christian mysticism and now reputedly Islamic fundamentalism that works well in that part of the world!!]

The pestilence of Joseph and the LRA will be finally eradicated? This remains to be seen!

P.S. This video has become what they call "viral" and has gained a viewing audience beyond any other such item on the World Wide Web EVER!!


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