Friday, March 31, 2017

Civil War Museum.

This is coolbert:

With some images from a field trip to the Civil War Museum, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA!

"Kenosha Civil War Museum."

"The Civil War Museum is like no other Civil War museum in the country. The museum focuses on the Civil War from the perspective of the people of the seven states of the upper middle west: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. These seven states sent over one million men to serve in the Union army while providing much of the food and raw materials necessary for the northern states to carry on the war."

I recommend this museum highly, without qualification or reservation. If you are in the vicinity of Kenosha, Wisconsin, a visit is well worth the effort.

In particular, manikins as on display representing soldiers of the era very well done, extremely so. Very life-like and presented in realistic and believable postures and poses!

To the images:

This is an officer? The man has dirty brogans! Is that a bottle of liquor I see on the table?

Troops playing cards. Soldiers of slovenly appearance, not attending to their battle kit, cleaning their weapon, practicing marksmanship, drill and ceremonies!

Thief being punished. Sit on the "horse" for a day or so.Painful and humiliating.

The American Civil War was not the first war to be photographed. Merely images made more often than during prior conflicts. Soldiers of the time were fond of being photographed. In the background you can see the thief on the "horse".

Wounded and sick soldiers convalescing in a hospital. Women surprisingly were not thought to be adequate for the task of nursing! More soldiers died during the war from disease and just plain illness than killed in battle.

Yankee troops in winter quarters. Warfare during the period of the American Civil War ordinarily came to a halt during the winter. Fodder for the horses while on the march insufficient or of poor quality.

Chaplin from a Yankee unit on his way home in the aftermath of the war. That figure does look life-like. A lot of attention to detail.

Veterans aged now taking the salute. The man on the right obviously suffering from crippling injury of some sort. Amputation of limbs quite common during that period.

Also find at the museum a variety of presentations in the form of a notional newspaper: "THE WESTERN INDEPENDENT" the topics: "ITEMS OF INTEREST TO THE UPPER MIDDLE-WEST"


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