Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is coolbert:

A person commenting to a blog entry says:

"Anonymous said...
Dude, windbreaker and trophy are 2 different things. Trophy uses shrapnel to destroy the missile while Windbreaker uses another missile."

NOT ONLY two different things, but a concept at two levels of technical competence and sophistication.

I had thought that Windbreaker was the term the Israel used among THEMSELVES! Trophy was the name the system was called for export? This IS NOT SO!

As mentioned, Trophy uses a "beam" - - a "spew" of particles - - shrapnel so to speak - - fired in the direction of an incoming ATGM [anti-tank-guided-missile]. Windbreaker, a more sophisticated system to defeat an enemy ATGM, USES ANOTHER MISSILE RATHER THAN THE "SPEW"!

* Trophy causes a premature detonation of the ATGM HEAT warhead!
* Windbreaker destroys the ATGM!

Both systems utilize millimetre radars which provide a high degree of resolution necessary to provide satisfactory guidance?

Windbreaker is the proverbial bullet-hitting-a-bullet? The anti-missile! A capability once thought to be next-to-impossible but now a routine occurrence!

The Israeli does develop and field some amazing cutting-edge military hardware.


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