Monday, August 31, 2009

Crossbow - - Again.

This is coolbert:

From a comment to the blog:

"Anonymous said...
This analysis has been entirely ripped from an outdated Wiki page which in turn was ripped from research carried out on Either is a much better resource than this page and it is deplorable that this comes in at no. 1 under military crossbow google search"

Hey, all I do is present the material and let the chips fall as they may.

This is all referring to the previous blog entry of mine dealing with modern military uses of the the crossbow. An archaic weapon still finding application?

And it has been noted by another subscriber that my post including the picture of the MARCOS troop equipped with crossbow was out-of-date by several decades [?].

Perhaps it is better to consider that instance where I mention the last [?] real-world USAGE of crossbows in warfare. The collection of montagnard [Degar] crossbows as found at the War Museum, Pontiac, Illinois. Real-honest-to-GOD hand-made crossbows of different shapes and varieties, AS WOULD HAVE BEEN WIELDED BY VIETNAMESE MONTAGNARDS IN COMBAT DURING THE FIRST AND SECOND INDO-CHINESE WAR!!

I merely present the material for perusal by one and all. Expert and lay person alike. It does surprise - - that in the modern age - - the crossbow is still a "weapon" alive and well and finding application?

More comments on the topic are invited.

Can anyone suggest other instances of where the crossbow has found actual usage in modern combat other than by the Vietnamese montagnard?



Anonymous said...

take a look at that!

"Whitehall has launched an investigation into reports that British-manufactured crossbows have been used by Serb soldiers against the Kosovo Liberation Army.

The crossbows, made by Barnett International of Wolverhampton, are said to have been used by the Serbs in ambushes and as a counter-sniper weapon against the KLA in the Pec and Djakovica areas in the south west of Kosovo. "

It seems like the crossbow was put to deadly use in the relatively recent Bosnian war

Also I remember reading about American GI's using flame-tipped crossbows to burn out enemy positions in dense vegetation

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