Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is WAR!

This is coolbert:

Here on the latest dope, an update on those fires burning right, some out of control - - in California.

"Mexican drug smugglers tied to California fire"

"LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Wildfire investigators in California are looking for marijuana growers tied to a Mexican drug cartel whom they suspect ignited a blaze that has charred more than 87,000 acres of a national forest."

"Sheriff's spokesman Drew Sugars said investigators found tens of thousands of marijuana plants growing in the area. No arrests have been made, he said."

"Authorities said firefighters were warned the growers were likely still in the area and trying to escape on foot."

"'The suspects are still at large,' Turner said. 'We've closed the area to the public ... so if anyone is likely to encounter them, it would be the firefighters, and of course those people have all been alerted and are on the watch.'"

Can you dig it! Tens of thousand of marijuana plants being grown by the Mexican drug cartels, ON U.S. SOIL - - ILLEGALLY OF COURSE - - IN A NATIONAL FOREST!

The fire being set by a "cook fire" - - accidentally - - prompting the miscreants, the villains, the "footpads" to escape, the escape NECESSITATING A HIKE OF DAYS TO REACH CIVILIZATION - - SO REMOTE ARE THESE "PLANTATIONS"!!

Those firefighters had better be on the aware and on the alert at all times. Consider the "growers" [probably illegal aliens] to be heavily armed and ready to kill at a moments notice!! Very bad hombres'!

This sort of stuff just pisses me off big time. Have Army Ranger units hunt those "growers" down with dogs and shoot them on sight? Forgive me, but I get frosted when I read about this kinda thing!!

Those devoted readers to the blog will want to peruse this prior entry and remind themselves of the role deliberately set fires play when used by the drug cartels to "mask" and conceal their activities:

"Invasion USA IV - - Fire"


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