Monday, August 17, 2009


This is coolbert:

Here from the DEBKAfile:

"Russian secret service helped Hizballah bust Israel's Lebanese spy rings"

"a special unit of the Russian Federal Security Service - FSB, commissioned by Hizballah's special security apparatus earlier this year, was responsible for the massive discovery of alleged Israel spy rings in Lebanon in recent months with the help of super-efficient detection systems.

"The Russians dated Israel's massive clandestine infiltration of Lebanon to shortly after its 2006 Lebanese conflict. The Lebanese Shiites sustained heavy casualties and . . . began conscripting thousands of young Shiites . . . without checking their backgrounds. In their haste, they also rounded up Syrian and Egyptian migrant laborers in Lebanon."

"Israel used the opportunity to recruit large numbers of agents in both these groups"

The Russian FSB, thought to be ONLY an internal [Russian] counter-intelligence organization, operating out-of-country, on behalf of the Hezbollah, and quite effectively too, so it seems!

The Israeli have found their agents have been compromised and detected, "liquidated" probably, and the Israeli intelligence apparatus itself put at peril by Russian intrusion!!

There is historical precedent for this sort of thing. Soviet/Russian counter-intelligence detecting and compromising Israeli spies! The Soviets/Russians in a very efficient and quick manner doing what the Arabs themselves could not do!

Consider the cases of the Israeli super-spies, Wolfgang Lotz and Eli Cohen.

Both men, Israeli spies operating out of Arab nations, [Lotz in Egypt and Cohen in Syria], were detected, tracked down, and arrested [1965], both within weeks of one another, all through the efforts of the Soviet military intelligence [GRU].

"the GRU brought in their very latest radio detection vans together with Russian crews to operate them. Within a few weeks, they tracked down both Lotz and Cohen - - an extraordinary achievement in counterintelligence terms."

Those "super-efficient detection systems were? Cannot be sure in this case. But, obviously, were "super-efficient" - - without question?


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