Sunday, August 2, 2009


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“Western education is a sin.”

More turmoil in Nigeria. The latest mass uprising has been squashed, and with a large loss of life on the part of the "militants". Persons belonging to an Islamic sect described as the "Nigerian Taliban"!

1. "Mass burial follows violent Islamist uprising"

"Nigerian authorities have given a mass burial to victims of last week's Islamist uprising in the north-eastern city of Maiduguri. Local reports put the number of killed at 700."

2. "Nigeria’s mysterious ‘Taliban’"

"Little was known about Nigeria’s Boko Haram when deadly clashes broke out in northern Nigeria in July. Also known as the 'Nigerian Taliban', the group emerged in 2004, and its aim is the imposition of strict Islamic law."

We have not heard the last of this one? The leaders of the sect and in command during the uprising have been killed. And killed WHILE IN POLICE CUSTODY! "Offed" by summary execution sans judicial process!!

"Mohammed Yusuf, the sect’s spiritual head, who was arrested and shot dead by the police on July 30. Security forces announced on the same day that they had killed his deputy, Abubakar Shekau."


* Nigeria is a country on the brink? Potentially very wealthy, but poverty stricken in a way it should not be. Many restive populations and movements desire "change", and are willing to use violence, armed insurrection, to gain that "change".

"Nigeria has more than 200 ethnic groups, and the country, Africa’s most populous, is divided along ethnic and religious lines. Northern regions are mostly inhabited by Muslims while the country’s south is predominantly Christian"

* Nigerian oil is among, if not, the most favored in the world. What is called "sweet crude", without contaminants and highly prized for refining. MOST NIGERIAN OIL IS SHIPPED WITHOUT DELAY TO THE U.S. THE MOMENT IS BROUGHT OUT OF THE GROUND!

* The focus of the Nigerian military - - is 90 % internal? There is very little external threat the Nigerian generals have to worry about? Keeping restive populations - - ready to explode at a moments notice - - under control - - is much more the concern of the central government.

But - - we have hardly heard the last from these Nigerian Islamic sects? Or from other Nigerian dissidents as well? Nigeria as a political entity is in peril? A disintegration that only military force can avert?


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