Saturday, August 15, 2009

Magic Bullet?

This is coolbert:

"a simple injection is all it takes"

Here, from der Spiegel, a description of the "magic bullet" that is able to counter the effects and threat from radiological poisoning, as would be caused by the "dirty bomb".

"Drug Promises Fix for Radiation Poisoning"

"Dirty bombs are one of the biggest threats to the world's urban populations. Now an American molecular biologist has developed a drug that may protect against the effects of radioactivity. Military officials are thrilled"

Those persons exposed to radiological poisoning no longer are without hope! Persons having direct exposure to nuclear radiation from a "dirty bomb" or an atomic detonation, an nuclear power plant accident, or even radioactive fallout from a distant nuclear weapons test, NOW have a treatment, a cure, a prophylactic!

"Medicine has offered virtually no protection against nuclear radiation until now, except in the form of iodine tablets, which merely prevent radioactive iodine from accumulating in the thyroid gland"

Tests in mice and monkeys have been successful. NOW for tests on humans? That will be dicey. HOW to test? Expose persons to lethal or dangerous levels of radioactivity - - give the injection - - and observe the results. Experimentation of an illegal and prohibited kind?


* This is NOT a vaccine! Must be given only after exposure to certain lethal or dangerous levels of radioactivity! Again, NOT a vaccine!

* "an American molecular biologist". NOT exactly so. A scientist - - an American now, but originally a Russian? Working for an American based company - - owned by an Israeli? Israel does have some of the top scientific minds in the world. And is # 3 on the list world-wide of venture capital start-up companies. Innovative minds doing innovative work.


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