Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dan Fodio.

This is coolbert:

"a divinely inspired 'reformer of Islam'"

Back to the subject of Nigeria. Just slightly over two hundred years ago, there WAS a successful African Islamic insurrection - - the result of which was the establishment of an Empire, incorporating portions of what is now Nigeria - - the likes of which are still remembered:

"Muslims mark 200th anniversary [2004] of Africa's largest Islamic empire, appealing for peace"

"SOKOTO, Nigeria – Saluted by sword-waving Muslim warriors on horses and camels, African presidents and emirs on Sunday celebrated the 200th anniversary of a holy war that launched the sub-Sahara's greatest Islamic empire"

An insurrection, a jihad, a WAR, in every sense of the word, proclaimed and led by a charismatic Islamic leader, dan Fodio.

"Shaihu Usman dan Fodio . . . 1754 - 1817) was the founder of the Sokoto Caliphate in 1809, a religious teacher, writer and Islamic reformer."

"He developed a critique of existing African Muslim elites for what he saw as their greed, paganism, or violation of the standards of Sharia law, and heavy taxation"

"Usman dan Fodio was proclaimed . . . Leader of the Faithful . . . This made him political as well as religious leader, giving him the authority to declare and pursue a Jihad, raise an army and become its commander [1804]"

"Some followers consider dan Fodio to have been a Mujaddid, a divinely inspired 'reformer of Islam'."

In this regard, being divinely inspired, dan Fodio resembles the Mahdi of the Sudan. NOT only a spiritual leaders and "reformer", but also a temporal and military leader as well!! Inspiring followers to lay down their lives quite willingly.

"After only a few short years of the Fulani War, dan Fodio found himself in command of the largest state in Africa, the Fulani Empire" [jihad to dan Fodio meant NOT merely a striving for spiritual and moral perfection, it meant WAR as the word is generally understood - - KILLING!]

Dan Fodio yesterday, who tomorrow? This is the thinking among some Muslims of what is called sub-Saharan Africa?


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