Monday, August 17, 2009

FSB II. [End]

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Again, thanks to the DEBKAfile! You place this one in the OH Shit, OH Damn category?

Once more too we see the workings of the Russian FSB in Lebanon.

"Lebanese Army's shock: National Internet routed through… Haifa"

"A large Lebanese army force which raided the Lebanese Internet network center on Mt. Barukh . . . Aug. 8 was dismayed to discover the exchange center which carries all of Lebanon's Internet links using equipment made in Israel. An intelligence sweep found the servers were routed to an exchange center in Haifa."

"The soldiers impounded piles of equipment and rounded up several detainees at the mountain center and several Lebanese Internet companies."

"Russian agents may also have led the Lebanese army to their discovery of the Israeli data center on Mt. Barukh."

The entire Internet network of Lebanon has been found to:

1. Be using Israeli made equipment.
2. Had communications ROUTED THROUGH ISRAEL!

Those Lebanese military, Hezbollah, and governmental and PRIVATE entities using the Internet for communications have had their communication compromised and made an "open book" to the various intelligence agencies of Israel, this having been so from the start.

And this should not surprise anybody!! Internet communications is not a simple one-two-three thing! Two Hezbollah "fighters" communicating with one another via e-mail or Internet Messenger [IM] can fully well expect their communications to not be confined totally within the boundaries of Lebanon!

Main-frame routers, those electronic devices that allow ISP's to communicate on the Internet, use multiple and quite often convoluted transmission paths for packets [Internet traffic consists of preformatted blocks of data called packets] to reach the ultimate destination.

" The largest routers . . . [are] stand-alone systems that have far more in common with supercomputers than with your office server."

At one time, 80 % of ALL Internet traffic passed through a grand total of thirteen routers, main-frame variety, ALMOST ALL OF THOSE ROUTERS LOCATED IN THE U.S.

Two Taliban jihadi conversing with one another using Internet Messenger might very well have their transmissions and communications passing through a router located somewhere in the U.S. The entire "session" or a portion of discrete packets being made available for examination by U.S. authorities!

"Russian agents may also have led the Lebanese army to their discovery of the Israeli data center on Mt. Barukh."

It is conceivable that the Russian FSB Internet experts were able to determine that Israeli routers were carrying the bulk if not 100 % of all Lebanese Internet traffic. Indeed, this may very well be how those Israeli agents in Hezbollah were "ferreted out". Israeli agents passing message traffic to their case officers, and using the Internet to do so?


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