Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is coolbert:

"The enemy is not only at the gate, he is at the front door, has come inside, and wants to jump into bed with you" - - Bert.

Speak of the devil! Almost literally so too!

Here from the Chicago Tribune today:

"Crime & courts"


"Pot fields on public land raided"

"Cook country Forest Preserve Police Officer Roberto Gonzalez inspects the growers' camp after Forest Preserve police and agents with the U.S. DEA on Wednesday destroyed an elaborate marijuana-growing operation . . . authorities burned about 6,000 marijuana plants . . . near 123rd Street and La Grange Road."

"both operations show the sophistication of Mexican drug cartels . . . Authorities made one arrest near a heavily wooded compound where growers camped."

THIS AREA I KNOW VERY WELL. JUST A FEW MILES FROM WHERE I LIVE AND WORK!! The Chicago area has large stands of densely wooded oak forests that are PRESERVES, NOT DEVELOPED AND UNTOUCHED BY MAN - - FOUND IN THE WILD STATE!! Areas I am familiar with, having hiked and camped in the preserves during my teen years.

At least untouched - - until recently!! NOT untouched by the fingers and hands of the Mexican drug cartels, their armed minions and footpads!!

The street value of those pot plants has to be immense! The plantings guarded assiduously and tended by the villains - - PERHAPS ARMED AND READY TO USE DEADLY FORCE FOR ANYONE MERELY EVEN STUMBLING UPON THE "FARM"!!

Law enforcement officials, raiding these encampments had better carry some heavy firepower with them, and be prepared for a fight with some bad hombres'!

See my previous blog entry: "Invasion USA VII- - Plantations"


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