Thursday, January 22, 2009


This is coolbert:

Alarming headlines! [it seems like almost all headlines are more or less "alarming"!]

"Military Report: Mexico, Pakistan at Risk of 'Rapid and Sudden Collapse' "

"In terms of worst-case scenarios for the Joint Force and indeed the world, two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico,"

"Pakistan, in the event of such a rapid collapse, would be susceptible to a 'violent and bloody civil and sectarian war' made more dangerous by concerns over the country's nuclear arsenal."

"The report says a collapse in Mexico seems less likely, but . . . A collapse within the United States' southern neighbor would also 'demand an American response based on the serious implications for homeland security alone.'"

Sudden, precipitous, uncontrollable, societal collapse. A total break-down of all law and order, restraints, and governmental control. Chaos of an unprecedented nature, spiraling in directions that will develop in a manner unfavorable to the U.S. Collapse that will occur for a variety of reasons, suddenly, spreading like the proverbial wild-fire?

Worst-case scenarios, the potentialities for the United States being apocalyptic in nature. Worst-case scenarios for which there would be little amelioration possible. In both cases, an ounce of prevention will be worth A TON of cure. But what is that "ounce"? In both Pakistan and Mexico, the slightest little "cold" or "sneeze" can start an avalanche rolling down hill for which there will be no stopping!!

In the case of Pakistan, a no brainer! Atomic weapons falling into the hands of Islamic fundamentalists. Persons possessed by an intense hatred of all things "western". A hate that "clouds all reason"!

[concerns over atomic weapons falling into the "wrong hands" is obviously why the Pakistani General Kayani has been named one of the fifty most powerful persons in the world.]

In the case of Mexico, also a no brainer! Mass migration of displaced persons across the U.S.-Mexico border by the tens of millions?! Border states and further environs will be subject to "invasion" by desperate refugees, "invasion" that will SURELY HAVE "serious implications"!

During the the last two years in Mexico, the low-intensity warfare being fought between the various Mexican governmental entities and the gangs of the drug-narcoticos has claimed the lives of 8,000 persons. The drug-narcoticos now possess [and have possessed for some time], the numbers, the wealth, the organizational ability, the weaponry, the utter ruthlessness and determination to fight the Mexican military and police, THE DRUG-NARCOTICOS EMERGING VICTORIOUS MOST OF THE TIME!!

That Mexico may suddenly collapse as a nation-state is a scenario that most Americans will find difficult to believe? That the possibility of such an event actually transpiring is just not something people are willing to contemplate, so disastrous will be the consequences!!

Please recall to that the Mexican drug-narcoticos have had for some time a substantial capability within the borders of the United States [devoted readers might want to read the entire seven-part series of blog entries on the subject]. A capability that astounds many. These villains are not some penny-ante bunch of thugs that just so happen to have M-16 riles at their disposal. Evil-doers that can wreak a lot of havoc at will, in an almost casual, leisurely manner. In case of the worst scenario for Mexico, the drug-narcoticos, emboldened as they will be, will not feel restrained to limit their activities but will spread northward at an ever increasing pace!!

[personally, I would also consider Saudi Arabia to be a nation also in danger of "going-under" in a precipitous, sudden, and uncontrollable manner. With ramifications for the ENTIRE WORLD that would also be of an apocalyptic nature!! This too is something, a sudden collapse Saudi, that is greatly desired by the jihadi!]

Worrisome indeed.


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