Wednesday, January 7, 2009


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The possibility of an atomic attack on an American city is very much on the minds of the movers and shakers, policy and decision makers!

The U.S. now has, perhaps has had for some time now, a forensics lab devoted to determining in the aftermath of such a nuclear detonation, where the bomb came from, and who would have detonated it.


Especially so in the age of terrorism, the ultimate nightmare [??] is for some terrorists, such as Al Qaeda, to drive a pick-up truck, with an atomic bomb in the back, across the Mexican border, and detonate the bomb in some U.S. city.

This is really a possibility. No less person than Warren Buffet has stated that the chances of such an occurrence is 100 % by the year 2050. This IS NOT FANTASY SCARE-MONGERING!

During the time of the Cold War, the threat of retaliation for nuclear attack was found to have been the best way to prevent atomic war and atomic attack.

"If you drop a bomb [atomic] on us, we will drop a bomb [atomic] on you. Perhaps drop ten bombs for each bomb you drop on us. You may kill a lot of us, but we will kill even magnitudes more of you!!!"

Tit-for-tit, response in kind, etc.

During the Cold War, knowing who to retaliate against was not even a question. It was assumed, quite correctly, that the only world power able to launch a nuclear attack against the U.S. would have to be the Soviet Union. Missiles or manned bomber aircraft, traveling over the pole, in large numbers, would be easily detected by American radars in advance of atomic detonations in American cities. U.S. DECISION MAKERS WOULD KNOW WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY WHO TO RETALIATE AGAINST!! A no-brainer, as they say!

Such certainty is now NOT a given!?

"Doomsday detectives battle nuclear terrorism"

"NEW YORK — The U.S. government has developed a suite of technologies that would enable it to determine the origin of a nuclear weapon used in an attack against the United States"

"“Not only can intelligence help prevent a nuclear terrorist attack, but also in the event one occurs, it may be able to identify the entity responsible and those who contributed, particularly by providing a bomb or components"

A mission that will be the responsibility of the: "National Technical Nuclear Forensics Center".

1. Determine precise location of the nuclear detonation.

"U.S. officials would begin by determining the weapon’s precise location"

2. Gather nuclear debris, fallout and such, from the detonation.

"To gather nuclear debris — the key evidence in the detective story — a specially equipped Air Force WC-135 aircraft called 'Constant Phoenix' would be deployed"

[the WC-135 will fly through the nuclear debris cloud down-wind, collecting radioactive particles from the blast for analysis.]

3. Make analysis on the debris to determine "clues".

A. For a plutonium type implosion atomic device.

* "type of reactor [from which] the plutonium was produced"
* "what the operating conditions were and its age" [of the reactor]

B. For an enriched uranium gun-type atomic bomb.

* [clues to determine] "what kind of centrifuge — or electro-magnet — was used to enrich the uranium to bomb grade."

4. "Determine the efficiency of the bomb." What degree of sophistication went into the design. WHO WOULD HAVE HAD THE CAPACITY TO DESIGN AND BUILD THE BOMB.

Determining “bomb efficiency,” which in turn can help identify who designed the bomb.

Who designed the bomb, who provided the materials, who transported it! This is all vital information that will be need to determine WHO TO RETALIATE AGAINST!!

"Sneaky Pete" will find out they are not so "sneaky"! "We will find out who you are, and you will get your just due!"

The culprit, the "entity", and contributing culprits and "entities" will be indentified and receive retaliation in kind THAT WILL HURT!!


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