Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mumbai - - Photo.

This is coolbert:

Here is a photograph circulating on the Internet showing one of the terrorists from the Mumbai attacks. An image caught by a security camera during the attack. Notice the demonic look, the eyes, the slight smirk or grin on the face.

It is not clear which attacker this was and where the photo was taken. Could be at one of the hotels, the train station, etc. NOT sure!

Was this villain drugged at the time, on LSD, cocaine, other stimulants, or taking sedatives? The mental state was not normal? This particular photo is indicative of an altered mental condition?

The Mumbai terrorist "incident" began with a pair of terrorists calmly walking up and down the train platform at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. Shooting passengers in an almost casual, leisurely manner, oblivious to the pain and suffering they [the terrorists] were causing and inflicting on those present.

And the Shivaji Terminus was obviously chosen for a reason too. Named after the famous Hindu war leader, Shivaji!! A ruler who was noted for successfully being able to fend off Muslim attack against his realm!

Within Maharashtra state [where Mumbai is located], Shivaji is a cult-like figure for Hindu nationalists. Revered as a man to emulate!

The Muslim fanatics did their foul deed with a lot of premeditation. Physical and psychological trauma being the goal. And the desire to send a clear and distinct message to the Hindu majority of India. We despise you and your ancient tradition. "A blood debt is being paid in part by this incident and there will be more of the same!!"

"We remember your Shivaji and now this is for you!!!"


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Anonymous said...

Good post. Just a nitpick, Shivaji was not just a prince, he was coronated as a Chattrapati which is a regal title meaing Lord of Warriors or just Emperor. Dedicated readers of the blog would be pleased if you could do a post/analysis on Shivaji's guerrilla tactics, which ultimately brought down the imperial Mughals to their knees.