Saturday, January 10, 2009

War Veteran?

This is coolbert:

"He is extremely clever in getting people to believe pure intellectual manure, of which he is the king of the hill."

Here is another example of the false military war hero/prevaricator/imposter/poseur'!

Chenjerai Hunzvi.

First, here is the obituary from 2001, as printed in the esteemed British newspaper, the Guardian. Please note there is no mention of prevarication, etc.

"War veterans' leader Chenjerai "Hitler" Hunzvi, has died aged 51."

"A veteran of Zimbabwe's freedom struggle, he led the recent violence against both blacks and white"

Described as a "veteran" of the freedom struggle against the whites-only led regime of Ian Smith in what was at the time Rhodesian. A war that raged in the 1970's.

Claimed [Chenjerai] to be a "war veteran"! NOT only that, led an organization of "war veterans". All claiming just compensation for their service, and devotion to the cause. A much delayed and long awaited compensation that could be only redeemed by seizing, illegally, white-owned commercial farms, terrorizing the farm owners in the process, even killing some, ruination of valuable commercial farms being the only result of the intimidation and theft.

Chenjerai "claimed to be a war veteran of some repute. HOWEVER, AS WITH THE TYPICAL MILITARY IMPOSTER, NONE OF HIS CLAIMS SEEM TO BE TRUE!!

"as for the war, he never fired a shot. He saw no action at all [according to his wife, Wieslawa, who had to flee Zimbabwe for her life]."

NOT only did not fire a shot during the Rhodesian conflict, this poseur' spent the entire decade of the 1970's in eastern Europe, studying to be a medical doctor.

"He left the country [1970] and having been identified as being bright, was sent to study in Romania, becoming fluent in Romanian and French, and subsequently began medical studies in Poland where he married a Polish woman named Wiesława Hunzvi, with whom he had two children . . . and in 1979, [returned to Rhodesia, only after the conflict had ended and he had completed his education]."

This "military war hero" died of AIDS in 2001. BUT only after having wreaked much havoc. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe used to be the breadbasket of all of sub-Saharan Africa. NOW, the people of that nation are starving to death. Due in no small measure to the wondrous deeds of Chenjerai Hunzvi.

And this all should have been seen a long way off. Dig this stuff:

His given name, Chenjerai, in the Shona language, means "beware"!!

And too: "He took the nom de guerre of 'Hitler' when he joined the struggle against minority white rule in Rhodesia."

Belated good bye Chenjerai! You are going to need some luck - - where ever you have gone!


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