Wednesday, October 5, 2016


This is coolbert:

As long as we have been on the topic of Russian Coastal Troops [CT's] to include the role of naval infantry [Marines] consider this web site and some of the art of an unusual nature. Very good illustrations having a military dimension, even inspired!

"Combat Gallery Sunday: The Purrfict Martial Art of Alexander Zavaliy"

"Born in 27 January 1955 . . . Alexander Zavaliy went to officer school and served in the Red Army, being forward deployed to East Germany and seeing what Afghanistan looks like on the two ruble a day plan."

"Leaving the military, he studied art at Kuban State University in Krasnodar then settled in the warm Black Sea town of Gelendzhik near Novorossiysk and took up painting and drawing. In the past twenty years he has cranked out some 500 works as a professional illustrator and recently came up with the idea of portraying Russo-Soviet military history, with a slight twist."


"He uses cats as models, but going beyond the feline factor, uses a lot of military authenticity"

Soviet era naval infantry [Marines]. Assiduously guarding the coastline those Soviet Marines noted for their competence and tenacity in battle during the Second World War.

It can even be correctly surmised that the following image of a Soviet era Marine circa World War Two was used a model for the illustration by Zavaliy? NOT a 100 % purr-fict copy but close enough?

Soviet naval infantry [Marines] fond of carrying extra ammo not in pouches attached to a pistol belt but rather preferring the cross-body belts with extra rounds?


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