Saturday, October 15, 2016

Crook II.

This is coolbert:


His name was Crook but he was no crook!

General Crook both as a soldier and military governor demonstrating skill and ability with vision and forethought, that combination of talent rarely found in any individual.

Crook also apparently an enlightened man, able to combine the carrot and stick with good intentions in mind!

From the wiki entry for George Crook and his participation in the American Indian Wars specifically his campaign against renegade Apache Indians. Again, that correct combination of carrot and stick most effective::

"In 1882 he returned to Arizona, forced the Mormons, squatters, miners, and stock-raisers to vacate the Indian lands on which they had seized, encouraged the Apaches in planting, and pledged them the protection of the government. In the spring of 1883 the Chiricahuas entrenched themselves in the fastness of the mountains on the northern Mexican boundary, and began a series of raids. Gen. Crook struck the trail, and, instead of following, took it backward, penetrated into and took possession of their strongholds, and, as fast as the warriors returned from their plundering excursions, made them prisoners. He marched over 200 miles, made 400 prisoners, and captured all the horses and plunder. During the two years following, he had sole charge of the Indians, and in that time no depredation occurred. He set them all at work on their farms, abolished the system of trading and paying in goods and store orders indulged in by contractors, paid cash direct to the Indians for all his supplies, and stimulated them to increased exertion. The tribes became self-supporting within three years."

Crook functioning in the capacity both as a combat commander and military governor his performance in both roles outstanding!


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