Sunday, October 2, 2016

CT's IV.

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Last but not least to the subject or Russian naval infantry [Marines].

To reiterate Coastal Troops [CT's] consisting of * Coastal artillery * Coastal anti-ship missiles * Naval Infantry [Marines].

Naval infantry an integral part of Russian Coast Troops [CT's].

Naval infantry [Marines] primarily regimental sized units but according to the Soviet defector Suvorov. also found at brigade level under certain specific circumstance. During that Soviet era each fleet [Northern/Baltic/Pacific/Black Sea] having an organic regiment of naval infantry.

Each regiment having an entire combined arms capacity minus organic aviation assets:

Click on image for a larger view.

A regiment of naval infantry that correct mix of combat arms elements to include infantry, tank multiple-rocket-launcher, anti-tank and air defense.

Again, from Suvorov naval infantry in the Soviet/Russian model not always merely a regimental sized unit:

"The Soviet Navy has only brigade of marine infantry. This belongs to the Pacific Fleet. It consists of two tank five motor-rufle battalions and is equipped with especially heavy artillery."

Once more and in finality from Suvorov as to the recognized fighting capacity of naval infantry:

"Generals from the Land Forces who have watched exercises carried out by the marine infantry often say, with some envy, that a regiment of marine infantry, with the same equipment as that issued to the Land Forces, is the equivalent in its operational potential of one of the latter-s motor-rifle divisions." [!!]

Count naval infantry among those CT's soon to be deployed to the Pacific coast of Russia? I think so.


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