Saturday, October 29, 2016

1-2, 2-1.

This is coolbert:

One step forward and two steps backward. Or is it two steps forward and one step backward?

ISIL with spoiling/diversionary attacks in response to the coalition Mosul offensive.

Recall the coalition forces as opposed to the Islamic State have NOT EVEN REACHED THE MOSUL CITY LIMITS but already counter-action by ISIL combatants has occurred.

As seen at the DEBKAfile:

Kirkuk is RED!

"In Iraq, ISIS Attacks City Of Kirkuk As Battle For Mosul Rages"

"ISIS fighters launched attacks on police Friday in the city of Kirkuk, as Iraqi security forces continued a massive military offensive to try to pry Mosul, one of Iraq's largest cities, from the militant group. 'The fighters struck [Kirkuk] before dawn, with suicide bombers hitting four police stations and gunmen killing police'"

That headline somewhat MISLEADING? As I said, the coalition forces have not even reached yet the city limits of Mosul. Somewhat yet to go and already ISIL has a ready response for which no anticipation or planning was made? ISIL ruthless, adaptive and flexible!


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