Sunday, October 9, 2016

Collective Farm.

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Back to the subject of forced labor during the Second World War [WW2].

Thanks to the Weapons and Warfare Internet web site.

German administrators in the occupied territories on the Eastern Front continuing with the Soviet collective farm effort, impressed labor and confiscated agricultural products creating much resentment where the possibility of good-will and harmonious relations existed and was needed!

"Forced labour"

"in western Ukraine and Belorussia, the new invaders set higher taxes than had the Soviet regime and they engaged in endless requisitions . . . In many regions, the Germans doubled the 1941 Soviet quotas of obligatory agricultural deliveries."

"The German administration established a mandatory two-year labour duty in Germany. Initially, it recruited young labourers on a voluntary basis, but as that flow quickly dried up, it resorted to the conscription of whole age groups. This caused universal resentment and draft evasion. In Ukraine and Belorussia, Germans burned down entire villages if men and women failed to report."


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