Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Borei & Bulava.

This is coolbert:

From several sources nuclear weapons systems as tested by the Russian not being a threat but being planned well in advance. DON'T WORRY!

SSBN = Ballistic missile launching nuclear submarine.

First from Russian Times:

1. "Russian submarines, strategic missile troops test fire 3 long-range ballistic rockets"

"Russia has successfully conducted three separate ballistic rocket launches. Two tests were carried out by Russian submarines from the Northern and Pacific fleets, while another intercontinental ballistic missile was launched from the Plesetsk space center."

Back in the days of the old Soviet Union automobiles did not collide, planes did not fall from the sky, ships did not sink, trains did not run off the track AND MISSILES ALWAYS FIRED PERFECTLY AND HIT THE TARGET AS INTENDED!

Additionally as seen at Strategy Page:

2. "Russia: No Honor Among Siloviki"

"September 28, 2016: Off the Pacific coast there were two more test launches of the new Russian SLBM (Sea Launched Ballistic Missile) design, the Bulava (also known as R-30 3M30 and SS-NX-30). One missile worked while the other failed and exploded. This is not encouraging . . . The new Borei class SSBNs . . . cannot really enter service until they have a reliable SLBM and that can only be the Bulava. So far 38 percent of the test launches have failed. The two recent tests were the first since 2013 because time was needed to fix the management and manufacturing problems that were known to be the main cause of the Bulava problems."

Russian Borei class SSBN submarine at dock. A warship without firepower sans Bulava. That missile so far with a very high rate of  failure. Borei will be a tiger without teeth?


"[recent] multiple missile tests have also been planned for some time as part of new SSBN readiness trials.

One by land and two by sea. In the case of the latter one failure.

 One Bulava during the most recent round of tests did not succeed? More for the Kremlin to worry about?


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