Thursday, October 20, 2016

Channel Dash.

This is coolbert:

From THE Sun English tabloid we have coverage of an event the like of which has not occurred in over seventy years.

Russian warships en route to Syria pass through the English channel, flexing their muscles as they go, intimidating a NATO nation in a very open and overt manner.

"RUSSIANS IN OUR SIGHTS Royal Navy heroes stalk Putin’s nuke fleet as it heads for English Channel – after Russian media mocked our ‘tiny’ and ‘weak’ forces"

"Putin's Northern Fleet is passing through the North Sea and English Channel on its way to the Mediterranean"

Let me reiterate that at least to my knowledge an event of this magnitude has not occurred in at least seventy years. A hostile naval flotilla passing through the English channel acting in what appears to be a hostile manner. Quite overtly and menacingly an attempt at intimidation during a time of crisis.

All of this related to Russian efforts to prop up and save the regime of a despot?

That enhanced level of American military readiness in response to this Russian naval maneuver? I cannot say with certainty. But ominous YES!


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