Tuesday, October 4, 2016


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More Gladio stuff!

From the CryptoMuseum Internet web site we have details of the NATO "secure" radio system to be used by Gladio stay-behind units in case of Soviet invasion, conquest and occupation of western Europe.

A "secure" radio system under a project called HARPOON. That final product the FS-5000 system.

"Because of the wide variety of (incompatible) radios, and because of the increasing danger of using Radio Amateurs as operators . . . [it was] decided in the late 1970s to order the development of a pan-European system for communication between all stay-behind organizations in Europe."

"It was also decided that the equipment should no longer use Morse codes but digital data signals, protected by serious cryptography. The equipment had to be fully automatic, so that it could be operated by a non-technical user".

"The project was given the code name HARPOON and in late 1980 . . . In 1985 the highly adaptive HF radio set was ready for use and . . . became known as the FS-5000"

The entire FS-5000 apparatus.

"The system was capable of sending digitally encrypted messages over distances of more than 6000 km [4,750 miles] in under one second."


"The East Germans . . . managed to decode the BND's [Bundesnachrichtendienst] orders to members of the clandestine 'Gladio' group, which was intended to continue anti-communist operations in the event of a Warsaw Pact invasion of Western Europe". East Germans as the Stasi.

[BND the West German secret service. Stasi the East German secret service. Both the equivalent of the American CIA.]

Compromise the BND communications to their agents and you compromised the entire NATO network?

The FS-500 did not come on line until just before the Cold War came to a close? Other ciphers and codes of the Gladio contingents were "read" by the Stasi but not the FS-5000? Don't count on it.

As detailed by CryptoMuseum Operation Gladio units over a period of decades having a host of radio systems at their disposal. FS-5000 unique [??] in having embedded crypto? This is unknown to me.


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