Thursday, July 23, 2015


This is coolbert:

UUV. Undermanned underwater vehicle. Autonomous in this case.

From Eduardo through Harry:

"A US Navy submarine [USS North Dakota] has become the first to launch and recover an underwater drone used in a military operation." 

"The vessel's commanding officer . . . said the Mediterranean Sea mission proved submarine-launched drones are a viable option for the Navy"

"The underwater drone was launched from a shelter attached to the top of the submarine that can also be used to deploy divers and special forces."

North Dakota a Virginia class submarine having an embedded and organic capability to launch and use UUV. The future is now!

REMUS 600 the drone of choice in this case as was previously reported at the Internet web site.

Length of REMUS is 3.84 meters/12.6 feet 

Read further about REMUS:

"Autonomous underwater vehicle - REMUS 600"

Again, the future of naval undersea warfare is NOW!


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