Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bear Tu-95.

This is coolbert:

As it was just recently, yet one more Russian Tu-95 Bear long-range strategic bomber has gone-a-ground, crashed.

Thanks to Freeper.

"Two pilots killed as Tu-95MS bomber crashes after all 4 engines fail"

"Five crew safely parachuted from stricken jet in latest of spate of accidents afflicting military aircraft."

"The accident was the sixth involving Russian military aircraft this summer, reported news agencies. The ministry said the crash was probably caused by a malfunction, although other causes were not ruled out, reported Sputnik News Agency."


In conversation with an acknowledged aviation authority we have this comment:

"Are the engines of the Bear somehow interlinked [?] . . Usually, such interlinking means more safety (the remaining engine(s) pick up the slack to produce thrust on the dead engine's propellers), but there might be circumstances when that kind of mutual operation can work in reverse."

"The most likely alternative is some kind of main line from the primary fuel tanks was blocked, starving all engines of fuel at approximately the same time."

"Another alternative is that one or two engines failed, and the pilots shut down the wrong engines (that has happened more than once in known history) in their rush to take care of the emergency."

"The last alternative is that all failed at the same time, which is a virtual statistical impossibility." 

 Thank you aviation authority!


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