Friday, July 3, 2015

Armed Merchantmen V.

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Naval special operations courtesy of the armed merchantman.

That armed merchantman an ideal base of operation during the deployment of naval special operations units both during a time of crisis or overt hostilities.

Naval special operations personnel of the frogman/under-water-demolitions/combat swimmer/naval commando variety.

Naval commandos having at their disposal during mission an entire range of submersible delivery vehicles [SDV].

Armed merchantman vessels but special operations units and gear associated with same carried surreptitiously and also deployed in a covert manner normally undetectable!!

See at this particular Internet web site "Naval Spetsnaz in Hybrid Warfare" that full range of SDV as has been in use by Russian Naval Spetsnaz. We can assume the Chinese also have their own versions of such SDV!

This is a Russian Triton-NN submersible boat. Has a periscope and snorkel? Is "wet" on the inside when submerged. Other varieties of this type of SDV exist.

The submersible boat in vogue but needing to be taken to the scene of the action by a "mother ship". A role for which the armed merchantman again is ideally suited.

And thank you H.I. Sutton.


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