Friday, July 10, 2015

Arms Race!

This is coolbert:

As it was over one hundred years ago as it is now? A naval arms race in east Asia? An expensive proposition for any nation and a "mirror-image" of what occurred in Europe in that period prior to the Great War? That naval build-up of the Pre-Dreadnought and Dreadnought era.

From a variety of sources to include Strategy Page and Colonel Austin Bay.

1. "Background to Asia's Expensive Naval Arms Race" by Austin Bay

2. "Surface Forces: Oz Joins The Philippines Against China"

3. "Essay: China’s Submarine Solution for the Taiwan Strait"

Oz = Australia.

Within the context of the Taiwan Strait those Chinese Yuan diesel/electric boats lurking in ambush, submarines designed with littoral [green water] warfare and not pelagic [deep water] operations in mind.

Submarine warfare as waged between American and Chinese submarines in the Taiwan Strait with Tom Clancy having devoted an entire chapter of his novel "SSN" to the topic.

The South China Sea, the East China Sea, contiguous waters, shipping lanes and  natural resources all up for grabs. Expensive naval assets the key to success.


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