Sunday, July 5, 2015


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From MARCO POLO though Harry:

"Report from Russia says that jamming Russian long-range bombers GPS [ground positioning system] navigation systems will no longer throw them off course.  Russia's strategic bombers such as TU-160 ('BLACKJACK' to NATO) are equipped with a technologically new navigation system that determines the plane's co-ordinates based on the position of the stars.  Russia's new ANS-2009 astro-navigational system can determine an aircraft's position and speed with high precision."

"Its main advantage over other systems is that this new method is supremely reliable in combat conditions when GPS can be taken out of operation by an enemy."

Astral-navigation automated. That use of the sextant, tables and charts, multiple and manual sightings of the sun, moon and stars, the positions and relationship to the horizon and one another as it was done in the olden days to determine location BUT NOW ACCOMPLISHED BY MACHINE!

During a time of crisis or war the jamming or denial of GPS by whatever means to be expected.

Those nations and regional blocs possessing the constellation of satellites enabling GPS now to include:

* United States.

* China.

* India.

* Russia.

* European Union.

Modern high-technology weaponry very reliant on GPS for guidance to the target. NO GPS and many weapons system become less than effective. Reliability and accuracy becomes questionable.

I would like to think that modern military navigators are still taught and are able to use the ancient and venerable methods. And even if taught and able to use to what extent is the art still practiced? I am not sure.


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