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This is coolbert:

From the Stars and Stripes military newspaper. Published: June 29, 2015

"POLL | Should US military bases named after Confederates be renamed?"

     "Survey: Majority oppose renaming facilities named for Confederate leaders.
    Opinions mixed on changing names of US bases that honor Confederates.
    Army foresees no changes to bases named for Confederate generals."

This poll conducted in the aftermath of the events as recently transpiring in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. A massacre of black church-goers during Bible study by a lunatic and hate-filled white man.

"EDITOR'S NOTE: The Stars and Stripes poll on whether military bases named after Confederates should be renamed has ended." The final tally:

    * NO 18,883 (88%)
    * YES 2,623 (12%)

From that pantheon of most senior Confederate general officers as directly subordinate to R.E. Lee at the very end of the American Civil War we have military forts as named after these Confederate officers also to include Lee himself.: [but not strictly limited to]

A.P. Hill, Jackson, Hood, Bragg, Lee, Gordon, Polk.

Confederate generals their command ability and fighting prowess unquestioned BUT AT THE EXACT MOMENT OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR BY ALL RECKONING A TRAITOR TO THEIR NATION AND THEIR OATH AS A COMMISSIONED OFFICER! Many if not all of those Confederate senior officers in the aftermath of the war also taking an oath of allegiance to the United States, R.E. Lee setting the standard in that regard.

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Mark Moncrieff said...

Dear Mr Coolbert

Men who served as Officers in the Confederacy either had not served in the US military or had resigned their commissions. They were not breaking their oaths as they were no longer bound by them.

If they were Traitors that was resolved when they were given amnesty.

Mark Moncrieff
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