Sunday, November 27, 2016


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As germane to the previous blog entry.

Muslim soldiers during the Battle of Yarmouk their courage failing, having admonishments and threats directed at them from their wives.

"May Allah curse those who run from the enemy!" . . . "You are not our husbands if you cannot save us from these infidels." - - the Muslim women at the Battle of Yarmouk.

"Other women began to beat drums and sang an improvised song"

"O you who run from a constant woman
Who has both beauty and virtue;
And leave her to the infidel,
The hated and evil infidel,
To possess, disgrace and ruin!" 

"We are the daughters of the night;
We move among the cushions
With a gentle feline grace
And our bracelets on our elbows.
If you advance we shall embrace you;
And if you retreat we shall forsake you
With a loveless separation."

Wives of the Islamic warriors accompanied their husbands during military expeditions during that era immediately after the death of Mohammad. Seems it is so.

That message again quite clear! Be brave and you will get some. NOT brave and you will not get some. No further elaboration required.


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