Tuesday, November 22, 2016

No. 21.

This is coolbert:

North Korean stuff that is alarming? From the British Daily Mail.

"North Korea broadcasts 'coded message to sleeper agents' on radio, sparking fears of an attack"

Such broadcasts not normal but not so unusual either hardly without precedent?

"North Korea has broadcast a 'coded message' to sleeper agents on state radio - sparking fears of an imminent attack".

"The announcement was made as part of a cryptic broadcast and analysts believe it is a 'book cipher' for agents in foreign countries".

"The radio announcer said: '(I'm giving) chemistry review work to No 21 expedition agents,' before continuing with the numbers, which spies can decode using a reference book"

"Similar broadcasts were reportedly made on November 6 and 11 and the latest is the 14th since June"

Brother Kim has assumed the proportions of a minor blimp! Note the fawning lackeys in the background. Lick spittle boot-lickers I might imagine everyone of them.


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