Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trump & Mac.

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"Four essential things Douglas MacArthur would tell President-elect Donald Trump"

Thanks to Fox News and the article by Arthur Herman. 

"As Donald Trump, our new president-elect, starts to plan for the future, the man he should turn to for advice may have died more than fifty years ago, but his words and deeds live on. He’s General Douglas MacArthur, who actually has a lot in common with Donald Trump—and should be one of his role models as president."  

"Like Trump, MacArthur was a maverick, an anti-establishment figure . . . America’s political elites who saw him as vain and arrogant but couldn’t deny his long list of achievements"

. . . .

"it was MacArthur’s determination to win in Korea by any means necessary, including nuclear weapons, and his public declaration that, 'there is no substitute for victory,' that led to his dismissal by President Truman in April 1951—and MacArthur’s run for the presidency the following year."

Advice from MacArthur to Trump as listed by Mr. Herman to include:

* "First, stand your ground." 
* "Second, trust your gut." 
* "Third, know your enemy."
* "Finally, keep your word."

Less than sanguine appraisals of MacArthur stress the extreme vanity of the man and an almost overwhelming ego. Trump also possesses both character traits as perceived in abundance. Ego and vanity as combined in one individual without the grace of humility can be dangerous? So the Romans thought so!

"Memento homo"


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