Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This is coolbert:

Dynamic change at work! 

I thought LCS was down and out for good but this is not so!

LCS [Littoral Combat Ship] becomes a frigate. LCS not so dead after all. Merely now will exist in a new form. MMSC! Multi-Mission Surface Combatant.

As extracted from the article at Strategy Page the much maligned LCS of the U.S. Navy continues:.

"Surface Forces: The Devolution Of LCS"

"September 20, 2016: The United States Navy has decided to come full circle and turn its innovative LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) into what its designers had tried to avoid; a replacement for the 71 Perry class frigates"

. . . ."the U.S. Navy has decided to permanently install modules (either surface warfare, mine warfare or anti-submarine warfare) in the 40 LCS ships the navy plans to have. Over half of those have already been built."

Two variants of the LCS ONLY to be constructed rather than the ALL ships having a capability to be task-tailored for a specific mission, modules as described to be "PERMANENTLY INSTALLED"!


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