Tuesday, November 29, 2016


This is coolbert:

"Will it play in Peoria?"

From the Daily Mail and thanks to the tip from Freeper the British going to retire about one-third [1/3] of their MBT [main-battle-tank] from the inventory and replace with THIS?


"Britain to be left with fewer tanks than Serbia as existing war machines are replaced by Ajax armoured vehicles – but could they stand up to a Russian attack?"

* "Army plan to cut number of front line Challenger 2 tanks by up to a third"

* "Hundreds of new Ajax armoured vehicles are to be their replacement"

* "But critics say new tanks are only useful against 'incompetent enemies'"

Ajax! Has that 40 mm rapid-fire cannon. Very closely resembles the Swedish CV 90 armored vehicle? With the proper type of armor-piercing round that cannon can defeat an enemy MBT? NO option for an anti-tank guided-missile but does have that 76 mm dual multiple-grenade launcher that can fire fragmentation rounds?

Those existing British Challenger II MBT in all fairness to receive a modernization and upgrade. Will be much more effective and if units formed from that correct mix of Challenger and Ajax can be quite deadly.

To be honest also the English seem to be fond of small armored vehicles such as Fox, Ferret, etc. U.S. Marines as well find such combat vehicles to be useful. Ponderous is not always best?


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