Saturday, November 19, 2016


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Yet more Swedish stuff! Thanks to Freeper.

After many years of neglect the Swedish military once again on the rebound.

In response to what is perceived as a world-wide disintegrating status quo?

And having to make do for the interim with cobbled-together military hardware some of which had previously been dismantled? That total package the entire weapons system not instantaneously available!

"Sweden Re-introducing Truck-Based RBS15 Coastal Defense Batteries"

"The Swedish Armed Forces . . . announced today that land-based coastal defense batteries are on their way back. By reintroducing them, the Swedish Navy will be able to launch Saab-made RBS15 anti-ship missiles from the country's coastlines against targets at sea at great distances . . . The coastal batteries will be deployed by the Swedish Navy"

Also from MARCONI through Harry:

"In a surprise move, Sweden today announced that they will reintroduce truck-based coastal defense batteries equipped with the Saab RBS15 heavy-anti ship missile. This is not a new system for Sweden, which operated exactly such a unit for five years between 1995 and 2000. This was then rapidly disbanded in the general draw down of the Swedish Defense Forces . . . Crucially, the equipment was not stored for a possible reactivation, but dispersed without any kind of central plan. Some of the trucks were sold on the civilian market, some were used by Saab, FMV, or the defense forces themselves."

See the You Tube video of a RBS-15 launch. Booster first then sustainer.


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