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  "Who is J.R. Mooneyham, and what are his qualifications for speculating about the future of government, business, technology, and society?"

As was "last updated on or about 1-23-09".

Here begins a series of blog entries the topic of which is the FUTURE OF WARFARE! Based on extracts from the writings of J.R. Mooneyham. See the J.R. Internet web site here.

As to J.R. himself, his background and apparent protean intellect and curiosity consider:

"Who is J.R. Mooneyham?"

* "He is a science fiction writer, author"

* "He is a researcher and futurist, author"

* "He is a web philanthropist"

* "Mooneyham has long been known as something of a geek"

* "He may have misspent his youth a bit as an outlaw super car driver and dabbling in experimental aircraft concepts"

* "Lately he's been focusing his decades of experience in entrepreneurial self-employment towards building novel new e-commerce models"

* "Mooneyham has been a computer user since the late nineteen-seventies"

* "Mooneyham's original college education was more heavily weighted with engineering disciplines than computer science"

* "Mooneyham has served as a corporate computer consultant and network administrator, and also played entrepreneur"

* "Mooneyham also worked as a professional writer and artist for many years"

* "Mooneyham too has worked at blue collar jobs in various factories, as well as construction at oil refineries/chemical plants in his younger days"

* "During the Cold War Mooneyham was a bonafide survivalist, undertaking much of the intellectual/physical pursuits and preparedness measures that implies."

* "Mooneyham has personal experience ranging from being a 'super car' designer/builder in his youth, to having helped with projects building robotic workstations for Ford Motor Company."

* "Mooneyham discovered a great personal interest in the economics and history of technology (both past and future) at an early age"

* "Mooneyham's experience [In the field of human nature and society] includes being raised within a large family (six children) in a small town, and living and working there as well as other small towns across the USA, and larger metro areas as well"

 * "Mooneyham is a US citizen"

DO NOT consider J.R. to be merely a dabbler or a dilettante. Within certain quarters J.R. and his ideas taken very seriously:

"Mooneyham has provided technical consultation and administration for business involved in prototyping work for DARPA (a US military research and development institution), as well as performed in various competitive intelligence roles for certain US companies/executives, in industries including the automotive and computer fields. During late 2001 and early 2002 Mooneyham served as an informal consultant to certain US military planning operations. Mooneyham also has associates/contacts who have provided technical services to US military and intelligence agencies (including the CIA)."

More to follow!


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