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Where the Israeli at Entebbe succeeded, the American at Bor failed?

From "Talking Proud Archives --- Military" the Battle of Bor! A topic I was totally unfamiliar with.

"Rooster Flight 73, ambushed during South Sudan evacuation mission"

By Ed Marek the original article from "Air Force Magazine".

“'Blood over Bor.' On December 21, 2003, three USAF CV-22 Osprey aircraft from the 8th Special Operations Squadron (SOS) flew from Djibouti to Bor, South Sudan with 21 Navy SEALs aboard. Their mission was to evacuate approximately 20-30 Americans stuck in Bor amidst a freshly erupted civil war. Hostile forces on the ground ambushed the flight, heavily damaged all three aircraft, severely wounded at least four Navy SEALs, and wounded others aboard the aircraft."

American Osprey aircraft on a rescue mission to Bor, South Sudan. An elite U.S. combat force of Special Operations aircraft [Osprey], navy SEAL's and pararescue jumpers [PJ's] not even able to reach the objective, much less complete the mission.

USAF Osprey as used in special operations type missions have a long-range mid-air refueling capability. Ideal for such a rescue mission but in this case the formidable capability for nought. Low-level technology guerrilla/insurgent/rebels on the ground mixing in with the civilian populace able to thwart the most elite combat units of the U.S. military.

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