Monday, July 24, 2017

Joint Sea 2017.

This is coolbert:

Nothing like this has occurred since 1905?

Chinese naval vessels with a global reach demonstration. Sailing from home waters vicinity the South China Sea; warships their destination the Baltic. Far from home to say the least. For the Chinese at any rate even unprecedented!!

"Chinese Navy holds live-fire training in Mediterranean en route to joint drills with Russia"

"A Chinese fleet comprising warships that are 'the best class of their category' has staged live-fire drills in the Mediterranean, according to the Chinese military. The contingent is now heading to Russia’s Baltic coast for the ‘Joint Sea 2017’ exercises."

1905 the Russian Baltic Fleet part and parcel of the Russo-Japanese War. The 18,000-mile voyage what it is called. As to that entire story, the sailing of the Baltic Fleet to the other side of the world and eventual obliteration see from the Internet web site 1870to1918:

"Russo-Japanese War: The 18,000-mile voyage".

That route of the Russian Baltic fleet [renamed the Second Pacific Squadron for the mission] en route [1905]  to disaster at Tsushima. I had always thought the Russian warships NOT allowed passage through the Suez Canal. Evidently that was not so. This Chinese division of naval vessels following the course [2017] as seen in red, but in the reverse direction. Click on image to see a larger view.


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