Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Light V.

This is coolbert:

Yet more the amphibious assault ship as a light aircraft carrier [CVL] equipped with a full complement of the F-35B Lightening.

1. Light carriers [such as the USS America] in the sea control mode of operation and mission having those twenty or so F-35B strike fighters but NOT having those additional and requisite type of warplane as necessary for modern naval warfare.

As a consequence CVL will require external support from a variety of sources to include:

EW = Electronic Warfare, AEW = Airborne Early Warning, ASW = Anti-submarine Warfare [fixed wing], tanker.

* KC-135 or KC-46 tanker.

* Air Force E-3 for AWACS [AEW].

* EC-130H Compass Call for EW.

F-35B having an embedded EW capability it being acknowledged.

[do not confuse AEW and EW]

* Poseidon [P-8] or Orion [P-3] for ASW.

[choppers have limited range in this respect, with fixed-wing ASW you can locate the enemy sub a long way out??]

* Osprey as on-call for the logistics role.

 2. Light carrier also as requiring accompaniment to include:

* "One or two Aegis guided missile cruisers"

* "A destroyer squadron . . . with two to three guided missile destroyers (DDG)"

* "Up to two attack submarines"

* "A combined ammunition, oiler and supply ship"

I have the assurance of an acknowledged authority in such matters that joint service operations of this sort are ALREADY being carried out. So much the better!

Nobody ever said this was going to be easy.


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