Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Light I.

This is coolbert:

CVN = Super aircraft-carrier nuclear.

CVL = Light aircraft-carrier.

From Strategy Page and as excerpted from the Austin Bay archive of articles: "On Point".

"A Renaissance for Small Aircraft Carriers?" by Colonel Austin Bay.

"The U.S. Navy may be on the verge of a light aircraft carrier renaissance. New technology spurs the revival, both new smart weapons in the arsenals of potential military adversaries and new American weapons systems, the USMC F-35B strike fighter being the most pertinent example."

. . . .

"This is one reason building a few 21st century CVLs make sense. It's a way of hedging against the loss of a CVN by putting some eggs in a few more baskets . . . Two or three CVLs, each with two-dozen or so F-35Bs, dispersed through a CVN-led battle group would increase fleet survivability."

"Can the Navy build three or four CVLs for the price of one CVN? Maybe, maybe not. It's a question yet to be answered."

CVN a super-carrier and also nuclear! CVL that term retired but now to be resurrected? CVL also non-nuclear!

Three or four CVL for the price of one CVN? This too an instance of "quantity has a quality all it's own"?

Read further that history of the CVL from the era of the Second World War!

More to follow regarding this matter!


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