Friday, April 4, 2014

Soldaten IX.

This is coolbert:


Concluding with extracts and comments from the book: "Life of a Nazi Soldier".

Some reader to the library book before me having highlighted this particular passage and in the margin of the page placed a question mark!

NO! NOT a question mark!

"Army of Retribution"

"The Red Army was turned loose for an orgy of destruction, rape, and murder that was exceeded only by the violence and cruelty that the Germans had inflicted on the Soviet Union earlier in the war."

MOST of that "orgy of destruction, rape, and murder" occurring in the aftermath of German surrender!

Atrocity to include:

* Mass rape of German women. Within the Soviet zone of occupation about one to two million German women raped by Russian [Red Army] soldiers. Often repeated rape or gang rape.

* Systematic and widespread looting of German industry, entire factories dismantled and shipped off to the Soviet Union.

These not being merely spontaneous actions but widespread and condoned behavior as authorized from the highest levels of the Kremlin.

Retribution also in those years subsequent to the end of the war continuing, the forced repatriation of ten to fifteen million ethnic Germans from all parts of eastern Europe a massive movement of persons reputedly the loss of live about one to two million as a result!!

Karma can be a bitch!!



Steiner said...

The Wehrmacht never indulged in mass rape in the Soviet Union, and in fact, made some considerable effort to reestablish and encourage Christian worship and legalize private economic exchange in the occupied territories of the former Russian state. As for the invasion itself, the violent overthrow of constitutional German government and the establishment of a German Soviet was the primary foreign policy goal of the Soviet Union after 1918. To this end, the Comintern fomented civil war in Germany and throughout Central Europe, to which any responsible state would and should have responded with violence. So where's the karma?

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose the US placement of Japanese-Americans in concentration camps is now being repaid with an invasion across our southern borders. Karma is a bitch indeed.

Bert said...

That phrase was a poor choice of words. Let me compose my thoughts further before I reply.