Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eastern Europe.

This is coolbert:

I see that Vice President Biden of the United States has made a recent trip to the Baltic states the purpose obviously being to reassure the Lithuanians, the Latvians, and the Estonians that NATO and specifically the United States will honor Article Five of the NATO charter.

And Poland too is making ready? Don't mess with Texas AND DON'T MESS WITH POLAND EITHER!

As just reported in the Associated Press:

"AP Interview: US troops may be sent to E Europe"

 "PARIS (AP) -- NATO's top military commander in Europe, drafting counter moves to the Russian military threat against Ukraine, said Wednesday they could include deployment of American troops to alliance member states in Eastern Europe now feeling at risk."

That word "TROOPS" most subjectively defined and might possibly including a unit of drone combat UAV, piloted by personnel located in Nevada or California?

That word "TROOPS" most subjectively defined and might possibly including a nuclear attack submarine located in the Mediterranean and tasked with a potential mission against Eastern European targets?

That word "TROOPS" most subjectively defined and might possibly including maintenance personnel in the continental United States preparing vehicles for pre-positioning in Eastern Europe?

So what is it? We wait to see.

"Don’t Mess With Poland"

Thanks to Robert Beckhusen.

"Warsaw’s military may be the only thing standing between Putin and Europe"

Three times in the last one thousand years the Pole protectors of Christianity and Europe.

* Fighting and losing six battles against the invading Mongol, but weakening the invader substantially in the process.

* That Polish cavalry force under the command of King John Sobieski providing overland relief to Vienna when under attack by the Ottoman Turk.

* That Miracle on the Vistula the newly forced Polish army defeating the Red Army of Mikhail Tukachevsky and preventing further the westward expansion of Soviet Communism.

"The Poles are taking their already sizable tank force and making it bigger. They’re buying new fighter planes. And Poland wants to develop an anti-air and anti-missile system of a kind the U.S. would have installed before the Obama administration attempted to restart relations with Russia—and failed at it."

That Polish tank an enhanced and improved version of the Soviet era T-72. According to Colonel Austin Bay, the United States NO LONGER POSSESSES A EUROPEAN TANK FORCE.

"There’s another reason for Poland’s emphasis on defense: a traumatic history. During the lifetimes of some of the country’s political leaders, and certainly during their parents’ lifetimes, Poland had—for a time—ceased to exist."

"Last month, Ukraine experienced a Russian invasion. There’s a possibility Ukraine could experience another one, but much larger and involving the east or even the whole of Ukraine."

"'Peace is a precious and a desirable thing. Our generation, bloodied in wars, certainly deserves peace. But peace, like almost all things of this world, has its price, a high but a measurable one. We in Poland do not know the concept of peace at any price. There is only one thing in the lives of men, nations and countries that is without price. That thing is honor.'" - - Jozef Beck, 1939.


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