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From the David Irving book: "THE WAR BETWEEN THE GENERALS" "INSIDE THE ALLIED HIGH COMMAND" "Chapter 11. Joan of Arc" we find this amazing account copied in entirety.

Charles De Gaulle the World War Two [WW2] leader of the Free French forces in exile the subject of an assassination attempt almost successful:

"It seems possible that somebody had [emphasis David Irving] tried to eliminate de Gaulle altogether, the month before. He was to fly from London to Glasgow to decorate sailors of the Free French navy. His personal plane was a a Wellington Mark IA bomber, placed at his disposal and maintained by the British government. Since the runway at Hendon airfield, north of London, was short and there was a railroad embankment at its end, a pilot would routinely rev up his engines to full power with the wheel brakes on, then would raise the tail by applying the elevator controls, release the brakes, and zoom down the airstrip. On this particular occasion, at 10:05 A.M. on April 21, 1943, the pilot of the de Gaulle plane had begun this routine when the tail suddenly dropped. The elevator control had gone dead: it was loose in his hands. The pilot halted the aircraft just in time. De Gaulle and his party were helped out of the plane, while the pilot - - Flight Lieutenant Peter Loat, DFC - - climbed into the tail. He found that the elevator control rod had parted. He summoned the airport security officer, a wing commander, who check the controls and allowed Loat to select another plane. Loat chose a Hudson trainer and flew de Gaulle and his party to Glasgow. The fractured control rod was sent to the Royal Aeronautical Establishment at Farnborough. Experts there found that the metal rod had been cut through [my emphasis] with acid."

The perpetrators almost without question NOT German! The German NOT having in England an espionage or sabotage capability during the entire war! Rather the opposite British counter-intelligence having captured for the entire length of the conflict in control of and "running" for purposes of deception the ENTIRE German espionage apparatus as existed in England!

WHO then would want De Gaulle dead? That murder of an ALLY and that man ACKNOWLEDGED AS THE LEADER OF THE FRENCH IN EXILE A most serious matter and one might assume also detrimental to the war effort.

De Gaulle without question a hard man to get along with AND a man more than anything else, hoping to control the political situation within France in the AFTERMATH OF THE WAR!

The man [de Gaulle] had MANY ENEMIES and was not held in high repute by the other allied leaders. That list of potential suspects in the apparent assassination attempt if compiled I might assume very long indeed.

AND within the context of the apparent attempt on the life of De Gaulle that airplane crash taking the life of the Polish General Sikorski deemed with hindsight justifiably suspicious?

You the devoted reader to the blog make your own appreciations and analysis.


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Steiner said...

Communists, almost certainly, who were operating with impunity in the UK at the time and who didn't wish to see a traditionalist like De Gaulle emerge as the leader of post-war France.