Thursday, July 9, 2009


This is coolbert:

"Fight the enemy with the weapons he lacks."
- Alexander Suvorov

Asymmetric warfare can be waged in both directions. Fight the enemy with the weapons he lacks, that you have, and for which your adversary has no warning or counter!!

From the Chicago Tribune today:



"Missile strikes kill at least 45"

"Attacks . . . target suspected Taliban training camp convoy"

"Suspected U.S. unmanned aircraft launched two attack against militants loyal to the head of the Pakistani Taliban on Wednesday, killing at least 45."

Suspected! Suspected! Suspected! More than suspected! "Drone therapy" of the finest sort being administered!

"The first strike Wednesday took place before dawn. Six missiles were fired at a mountaintop training camp . . .. killing 10 militants."

"Hours later . . . missiles hit four vehicles carrying Taliban militants"

"On Tuesday, a suspected U.S. missile attack killed 12 militants . . . including five foreigners . . . Another recent strike killed up to 80 insurgents attending a funeral."

Six missiles fired at one time against "militants" represents a multi-number of Predators attacking in concert, according to plan, massing in a manner of warfare that the drones have not been associated with!

The Hellfire is still the weapon of choice as fired from the Predators and other "birds" of similar species? DIME is being used too?

And attacking a funeral can be seen as a stroke of inspired genius? When the opportunity presents itself - - don't hesitate. The villains are hard to spot, corner and obliterate. If the opportunity presents itself, go for it!

Good job remote pilots!! Have no-second thoughts whatsoever.


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The Neutralist said...

Do you think this is going to alter the outcome?