Monday, July 27, 2009


This is coolbert:


It seems it is not only the Americans that cannot detect an illegal alien that penetrates the security apparatus of the realm, even to join and be accepted in an elite military and placed in a position of great trust!

"Queen guarded by illegal immigrant who joined Army under fake name"

"A soldier who guards the Queen at Buckingham Palace has been arrested after he was found to be illegal immigrant who joined the Army under a fake name, it has been reported."

This headline is misleading. This bloke had joined the British Army, enrolled in the ranks of an elite regiment, and stood guard duty for the Queen of England, and all the while was AN ILLEGAL ALIEN!! NOT JUST A MAN WITH A "FAKE NAME", AN ILLEGAL ALIEN WHO RESIDENCE IN ENGLAND WAS CRIMINAL! AND NOT DETECTED - - BUT ONLY BY ACCIDENT WAS THIS DECEPTION UNCOVERED!

[the use of the word immigrant too is deceptive. Having been determined to be ILLEGAL make this chap a criminal and not eligible for immigrant status.]

"The guardsman is believed to have used fake documents to join the Army . . . and his scam was only uncovered after a car crash when police discovered he had numerous aliases."

Numerous aliases!

"The soldier, named only as Guardsman Kapinga, is from an African Commonwealth country"

"For an illegal immigrant to gain membership of any Army regiment is unbelievable when you consider the potential damage an enemy could do there."

"But to be accepted into a Guards regiment, and therefore to have such close proximity to the monarch, is nothing short of a scandal."

This Kapinga actually stood guard at Buckingham Palace? Guarding the Queen herself? And all the while an illegal alien, undetected, with NUMEROUS ALIASES!

This elite unit is "the elite Battalion Irish Guards"! Kapinga is a real Irishman? I think not. Maybe you don't have to be an Irishman to be an Irish Guard?


* "not only the Americans that cannot detect an illegal alien that penetrates the security"! I am thinking here of Jihad Jane! Nada Prouty. A Lebanese national [?] with terrorist relatives who was able work for the FBI and CIA, all the while residing in the U.S. as an illegal alien!!


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