Monday, July 27, 2009

Destroyer of Enemies.

This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune today:



"Nuclear sub launches"

"NEW DELHI - - India on Sunday launched the first nuclear-powered submarine built on its soil, asserting itself as a world power, by joining just five other countries that can design and construct such vessels."

"The 367-foot submarine, named 'Arihant' or 'Destroyer of Enemies,' was sent to sea trials"

"It will be capable of launching nuclear weapons"

This is a surprise? India needs a nuclear-powered submarine. ONLY five other nations have the same - - a nuclear powered submarine. USA, Russia, England, France, China! An elite league has now been joined by India!

India is going against the grain with regard to submarine development. AIP is recognized as the way to go? BUT India also wants power projection? Against whom and where? China? This is unclear. This is perhaps a gaudy spectacle? Merely a show of force? Just to show the rest of the world the capability India now has.

Nuclear weaponry can include submarine delivered mines, torpedoes, missiles of all shapes and forms.

"The INS Arihant can stay underwater for long periods up to 100 days unlike the diesel powered submarines which needs to surface every few days to refuel. The 6000 tonne INS Arihant will give India the capability to launch ballistic missiles up to 300 kilometers. "

300 kilometers for a ballistic missile is not that far. I am not sure but the tactics and doctrine for a nuclear-powered sub would normally call for the vessel to operate in deep pelagic [blue] waters far from the coastline, and fire a missile of whatever variety at a target inland. the current variety of missile available to the Indians does not allow for this?


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