Thursday, July 23, 2009


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Another American, a convert to Islam, an adherent to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, has been captured. NOW cooperating with the FBI!

Bryant Neal Vinas. A native born American, described as the son of Peruvian immigrants, actually took up arms and participated in a military style attack upon American troops in Afghan.

Captured while in Pakistan, returned to the U.S. and again, NOW cooperating!

As clear cut a case of treason as you can possibly find. The punishment for which, after a fair and speedy trial, is almost always DEATH!

And a man, who had "inside information" of great value to the jihadi villains? Provided this info, unreservedly so, to Al Qaeda, and has admitted as much?

"Feds: US man gave al-Qaida NYC subway information"

"NEW YORK – An American man charged with giving al-Qaeda information on the New York transit system and attacking a U.S. military base in Afghanistan has been a secret witness in the fight against terror both here and overseas, authorities revealed Wednesday."

"Court papers unsealed in federal court in Brooklyn identified the defendant as Bryant Neal Vinas, nicknamed 'Ibrahim' or 'Bashir al-Ameriki,' who grew up on Long Island."

"he pleaded guilty in January in a sealed courtroom in Brooklyn and remains in U.S. custody in New York."

"he also gave 'expert advice and assistance ... on the New York transit system and Long Island Railroad.'"

Exactly what expert advice this man could have given Al Qaeda is unclear. Gave same [advice] on both the NYC subway system and the Long Island Railroad [LIRR] both? What exactly is his expertise?

A subway represents a mouth-watering target for terrorists in general? Persons, confined within further confinement, make an easy target for a weapon of mass destruction, biological, chemical, radiological, etc. It has been demonstrated that Al Qaeda DID possess the ability to deploy a chemical weapon that would dispense hydrogen-cyanide gas of lethal proportions within a confined space.

Any mention of the Long Island Railroad [LIRR] brings instantly to mind the case of the mad [?] gunman, Colin Ferguson. Ran amok [1993] on a LIRR commuter train - - the "lone wolf" assassin, killing six and wounding nineteen. They said the man was mad, deranged, demented, etc. Never was the matter made clear!

"On December 7, 1993 Colin Ferguson boarded a Long Island commuter train and began shooting the passengers with a Ruger P-89 9mm pistol. The incident known as the Long Island Railroad Massacre resulted in six people being killed and 19 injured."

This Bryant [Bashir] is in the same league as is Adam [Azzam] Gadahn and John Walker Lindh [Abdul Hamid]! A highly impressionable and confused young man that has gotten himself in deep doo-doo? Attracted by the exotic dress, language, religion, ritual, etc. of Islam! NOT exactly sure what he has gotten into until the road back home is "barricaded" shut with no exit?

Or a zealot and a convert to be greatly feared, but now, thankfully, in custody, "cooperating"? NOT, however, having a date with the hangman!!


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