Monday, October 5, 2020

Murad II.

This is coolbert:


Thanks to Freeper and Sky News Arabia an update, the presence of  Syrian mercenaries in Azerbaijan. The conflict between Armenia and  Azerbaijan intensifies.

According to this  report, all is not well!

"The high death toll of Turkish mercenaries in the battles of Nagorny Karabakh (Azerbaijan)"

"The Syrian mercenaries, along with the Azeri forces, are taking part in the fighting that raged a week ago against the regional forces and Armenia, after they were brought in by Ankara, Baku's ally in the conflict."

"The Syrian Observatory said that the new death toll from mercenaries reached 72 dead. And a previous toll published by the observatory, on Saturday, had reported 64 people dead.

. . . . 

"The number of Syrian mercenaries sent to Azerbaijan reached about 1,200 militants, most of them were from the Syrian Turkmen component, and they belonged to the 'Sultan Murad' and 'Al-Amshat' factions."

Mercenaries belonging to the Turkmen ethnic group and indebted to the Turkish government, veterans of the Syrian Civil War and now the debt being paid in full.


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