Thursday, October 22, 2020


This is coolbert:

"keep the focus on the PLAN and the Indo-Pacific theater"

PLAN = People's Liberation Army Navy. Red China.

From CDR Salamander and the proceedings of the Naval Institute.

"At Sea, There is Only One Great Power Competition"

"The phrase 'Great Power Competition' is often used as a proxy for 'China and Russia.' That is unquestionably accurate with China, and to a lesser extent Russia, but when you look to the high seas, it really needs to be seen as shorthand for China".

As described by the Commander and in-the-nutshell Russia as a NAVAL THREAT their role as a GREAT POWER should not be over-estimated:

"Simply put, Russia does not have much additional money to spend at sea with her requirements ashore for her land an air forces. Yes, she can produce some regional effects at sea and her submarines could, in spots, create bother … but nothing that her much larger and richer European rivals can’t challenge as needed with a helpful assist by the USA where there are gaps."

According to the Commander the USA should not fear a combined fleet of China and Russia as an adversary. Nor a two-ocean war. Keep your eyes on the prize.

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