Tuesday, October 27, 2020


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I need help here. Devoted readers to the blog and those merely perusing in a casual manner please assist. I need your comments to clarify the matter.

Courtesy in all cases the Internet web site War History Online and the article by Joris Nieuwint.

"10 Things That Went Badly Wrong on Omaha Beach"

"1. The Beach was perfect for an invasion Omaha_1944_Initial_assault"

As extracted:

"The 7000 yards long crescent shaped beach presented a gently sloping tidal area averaging 300-yards between low and high-water marks . . ."

"The 1st infantry division [1 ID] studied this beach before the operation and considered the shingle and sea wall as the first defensible piece of terrain . . ."

"Last but not least, the beach was first selected in 1943 because it was virtually undefended. Later, when the beach appeared to be well defended, the allies had no choice but to land on Omaha beach or the British beaches would be too far away from the Americans at Utah beach . . ."

Omaha from the perspective of the attacker [American army] very good. The German would have realized this and strengthened their defenses beyond normal accordingly in anticipation of allied invasion.

Intelligence preparation of the battlefield [IPB] can work both ways!! What was so in 1943 was not so in 1944!


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